Dual Credit Grading Policy

GRADING POLICY FOR DUAL ENROLLMENT (Dual Credit)  Colleges apply letter grades rather than numerical grades.  Faithful Scholars and most other transcript producing entities convert these letter grade to numerical grades by selecting the “Middle Number”.  Using SC as an example:  we are on a 10 Point SCUGP Scale which translates an “A” to a 95%, a “B” to 85%, and so on.  For other states, it will be based upon their states’ grading scale.

This may seem that it will cost your child points, but dual credits normally come with a fabulous GPA bump, and most organizations intake these grades in a similar manner.  In ten years we have not seen it deny a child’s access to the college of their choice.

  • COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS must be mailed by or before June 10th to
    Faithful Scholars, 1761 Ballard Lane, Fort Mill, SC 29715
  • SUMMER COURSES go on the following year’s transcript


DUAL CREDIT will be awarded for academic core classes. These are typically courses that are able to be transferred from one college to another for credit such as math, English, computer science, psychology, etc.

HONORS CREDIT will be awarded for non-core academic classes if supporting documentation is provided to indicate increased rigor and study beyond the classroom and textbook such as health, music, art, etc.

COLLEGE PREP CREDIT will be awarded for all other non-core non-academic elective focused courses such as floral arrangements, basket weaving, etc.

REMEDIAL COURSES such as Math 032, or Eng 031, etc., will be assigned College Prep credit.


  • If your child is taking dual credits, a copy of your child’s COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS must be mailed annually by or before June 10th to
    Faithful Scholars, 1761 Ballard Lane, Fort Mill, SC 29715
  • SUMMER COURSES go on the following year’s transcript

CREATING YOUR CHILD’S HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT  If you are graduating your first child expect this part of your first year to be a bit emotional and to take a minimum of 3 weeks to complete.  We handle each student’s transcript as an individual school which means a lot of attention to details, questions for confirmation, guidance toward building a strong transcript that will gain a second look by registrars, as well as guidance as to the purpose of a transcript.

If there is a deadline or rush please expedite your transcript for a 48-hour turn around, AND email me, AND please maintain a steady contact until your final transcript is received.

  • submit an On-Line Electronic Transcript Worksheet by or before June 10th
  • while we may process a transcript sooner, we request a minimum of 21 days (to process)
  • Expedite your transcript turn around to 48 hours for an additional $50
    • Paypal to katie@faithfulscholars.com
    • Request credit or debit card payment (we can do this on location or over the phone)

In some cases, this may cost your student a few points but in others, it might gain him/her a few points.   Over the years we have tracked the outcome and it is a wash in the majority of cases.  **Remember that ALL of our dual credit students receive the same conversion, so you are playing on a level playing field.

**Note that your child’s dual credit grades should balance with the grades they are receiving at home and other programs.  If they are markedly different, please be prepared to support your grading policies.  These are either huge red flags or green lights when applying to colleges.  Standardized test scores are another area needing more attention by homeschoolers as they either confirm or cause questions in regard to at home grading policies.  Want more information on preparing for Standardized tests, how scores can earn you scholarship money, and how to understand how GPA can relate to test scores?  The full article is available here.