Driver’s License


Faithful Scholars automatically sends our students ages 15 to 17 a Student Verification Letter for the DMV.  Not all states require this document, but in many states the DMV is required to verify that the student is 1. attending school and 2. has acceptable grades.   Check here for state by state requirements.

  • Do not forget your other DMV items:
  • Proof of Identity- Birth Certificate, Passport, Social Security Card
  • Proof of US Citizenship- Birth Certificate, Passport, Social Security Card
  • Proof of Residency- tax statement, bank statement, house bill with name/address
    • Bring 2 to be safe
  • Parent to verify documents and sign off

Driver’s Ed:  In many states there is not any way to opt out of driver’s ed until age 17, nor is there an alternate affordable option.  The upside is that you will save that money back on insurance rates.  Scheduling driving hours is a problem even during daytime (homeschool) hours, so plan ahead and reserve your days/times.  It is a good practice to have your child proficient at driving before putting them behind the wheel with a driving instructor (unless you are a nervous wreck or a drill sergeant).

After Hours Driver’s Permission: If your high schooler needs an After Hours Driving letter this can legally be created by you, the parent-teacher.  See sample.  If, for some reason, the clerk does not accept your letter ask to speak to the supervisor.  Your student will need to bring all typical documentation plus accountability association Member Letter, and payment for the new license to be made.  Your child will be issued a whole new license.

Insurance: Use your annual Faithful Scholars transcript to prove academic standing.  If they require verification have them fax their request to 803-802-7446, and we will supply them with the required documentation.  This will only be done after you have supplied them with your student’s transcript.