Faithful Scholars Homeschool Guidance Group


Faithful Scholars is a homeschool guidance counselor for homeschoolers nationwide offering support such as:

  • Email support- unlimited!
  • Video workshops
    • Zoom interactive workshops
  • FaceBook chat group
    • FaceBook Live workshops
  • Retreats
  • Curriculum guidance
  • K-12 guidance
    • Getting started
    • Withdrawing from school
    • Testing Tips
  • college guidance
    • 4 year plans
    • Leadership guidance
    • Service guidance
    • Transcripts (K-12)
    • Diplomas
  • Downloadable documents
  • Newsletters

Additional Services

  • Skype and Zoom face to face conferences
  • Creating a Leadership Niche to attract college interest

Our philosophy is that we are nurturing souls rather than creating ‘products’ to be measured.  More about what we offer…


end of day joyTo love, praise, and serve God in this life through encouraging and equipping homeschooling families by honoring each family’s approach toward education as we equip Faithful Scholars families to educate above reproach; in order to send our children forth with a stronger foundation for all of life.